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The Sting: Everything You Need to Know About Insect Stings

Robert E. Reisman, M.D. Allergic reactions to insect stings constitute a major medical problem, resulting in about 50 recognized fatalities annually in the United States and are likely responsible for other unexplained sudden deaths. People at risk often are very anxious about future stings and modify their daily living patterns and lifestyles. Recent advances have […]

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Allergy: A Battle Between (Ig)Good and (Ig)Evil

By Dr. Larry Chiaramonte One of the reasons I have practiced allergy medicine with such enthusiasm over the years is that the immune system, specifically as it pertains to allergies, is inherently dramatic. In our book, you will see that we resort continually to non-medical metaphors to explain the workings of the biology of allergy, […]

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