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Allergy Shots Fired: Oldest and Still-Most-Effective Treatment in Danger

By Dr. Paul Ehrlich Wither the allergy shot? This oldest and best-proven allergy therapy is under pressure from some of the same forces that have put medicine out of reach for many patients even as more people are covered by health insurance. You won’t find me declaiming against the ACA. A few weeks ago, our […]

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Allovate—New Company Says You Can Brush Your Way to Allergy Desensitization

By Henry Ehrlich For more than a hundred years, allergists have been trying to cure patients by exposing them to small amounts of their allergens and escalating the doses to allow them to tolerate the offending substance. This process has been approached using injections (sub-cutaneous immunotherapy, or SCIT), ingestion (oral immunotherapy—aka OIT), under the tongue […]

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