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Epinephrine Access Slogs State by State, While Overdose Treatment is Fast-Tracked

By Dr. Paul Ehrlich Only yesterday, food allergy advocates spent hours testifying before a California legislative committee on behalf of an access-to-epinephrine bill for school children. It is a scene that has been repeated in state after state, with favorable legislative results and even more notable health outcomes. I have nothing against this process, which […]

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Seafood—the Official Food Allergy of Professional Football

By Henry Ehrlich Several months ago, I was treated to an interview by phone with Jerome Bettis, former Pittsburgh Steeler, who was speaking about his food allergy—specifically to shellfish—in conjunction with Auvi-Q™, the groovy new epinephrine autoinjector. This was a welcome development because nothing separates the reality of food allergies from the sneering stereotype than […]

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