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What Can Food Allergy Experts (Including Parents) Teach the Rest of Us About Medical Care?

By Danya Glabau One spring day, I was watching the diagnostic process in action. The patient, a young woman, was sitting in a small, windowless exam room. Her forearms were covered in rows of skin pricks from testing, and some of them had blown up into wheals as large as an inch across. Her husband […]

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Allergic Asthma: When Organ Systems Communicate, We May Not Always Like What They Have to Say

By Jessica Martin, PhD The other day, my first-grader son fired off a long series of questions about the lungs, kindly pointing to his chest in case I was uncertain where they are found. “Mom, what do the lungs do again? What is asthma? One of my friends at school has asthma.” As a further […]

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