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Life in the Abstract–Part Four

By Henry Ehrlich (This abstract from Boston researchers at AAAAI in San Diego should be read by anyone who has considered the relative safety of peanut-free schools vs. non-peanut-free schools.) 719 Impact Of School Peanut-Free Guidelines On Epinephrine Administration Dr. Lisa M. Bartnikas, MD et al Rationale: Some schools are peanut-free or have peanut-free areas. […]

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Life in the Abstract–Part Three

By Henry Ehrlich* (Another abstract from the AAAAI in San Diego) 341 Effect Of Duration Of Residence In Brooklyn On IgE Responses Of Immigrants Dr. Edward Kleiman, MD et al RATIONALE: Inner city areas including Brooklyn, New York suffer disproportionately from atopic disease. Brooklyn has ongoing immigration from regions of low allergy/asthma prevalence. We previously reported that […]

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