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Executed by Asthma: Statue Unveiled for Victim of Mistaken Identification

By Henry Ehrlich In 1985, a Lubbock, Texas college student named Timothy Cole was convicted of rape and sentenced to 25 years in jail. The rape victim’s testimony included a crucial detail that seems to have been overlooked by prosecutors: the perpetrator smoked cigarettes throughout the attack, according to the Innocence Project website. Cole himself—at […]

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Nickel Back in the News—Rash of Contact Dermatitis from Tech Devices

By Henry Ehrlich When allergy-related companies crop up in the business pages it’s usually for reasons that have nothing to do with medicine. For example, Mylan, which makes the life-saving epinephrine injector EpiPen™, made headlines not long ago for a deal to acquire a large stake in Abbott Laboratories with the express purpose of transferring […]

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