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Bah Humbug—Cranky Year-End Allergy News Round-Up

By Dr. Paul Ehrlich Bed Sharing—Cause of Asthma, or Symptom? First it was acetaminophen and asthma; then it was antibiotics and asthma. Is there anything we do to our children that doesn’t kinda, sorta, maybe correlate with asthma? Now it’s kids who share their beds with their parents when they can’t sleep, as published in […]

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Acetaminophen Again—Conventional Wisdom Does a 180-degree Turn

By Dr. Paul Ehrlich My old friend Dr. Renata Engler–whom I trained with at what is now called Walter Reed National Military Medical Center–has said, “Fifty percent of evidence-based medicine is significantly revised and/or reversed in five years.” Sometimes, it doesn’t even last that long. A little less than two years ago, an article was […]

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