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Food Allergy or No Food Allergy? More Evidence of Costs of Misdiagnosis

By Dr. Larry Chiaramonte Last week I wrote about a US study that showed how excessive reliance on blood IgE tests results in diagnosing food allergies in avoidance of more foods than necessary. This week a European study echoes those findings and puts a price tag on it. Subjects were assessed using the gold-standard DBPCFC […]

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Déjà vu All Over Again, 2015

By Dr. Larry Chiaramonte In our book, I wrote this: SCIENCE OR NO SCIENCE? For over twenty years I have been involved in fending off disinformation about food allergy. For the record, food allergy is an immune response to certain foods… It’s hard enough to get good medical science into common use… Whenever this happens, […]

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