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Archive | January, 2011

Allegra: Somewhere Over the Counter

By Dr. Paul Ehrlich We now read that Allegra is the latest antihistamine to go from prescription to over the counter (OTC). It will soon join its “second-generation” non-sedating cousins Claritin and Zyrtec, both excellent antihistamines, on the pharmacy shelves. When it does, only two popular antihistamines, Zyxal and Clarinex, will require a doctor’s prescription. […]

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Hay Caramba! Chihuahua Treatment for Child’s Asthma Barks Again

By Dr. Paul Ehrlich Google Alerts doesn’t discriminate. The links it turns up range from the sublime and sensible to the ridiculous. Thus, as the Jets were losing to the Steelers, it turned up a heart-rending cry for help from a woman whose daughter was taking a long list of medications for her asthma, and […]

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