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Archive | September, 2010

Dr. Spock, Part Two: Angst-Free Eating

By Kathy Franklin My second huge debt to Dr. Spock comes from his advice on taking the value judgment out of your child’s eating habits. Don’t make food an emotional issue, and don’t let it become a struggle. He recommends that you never say, “Have just one more bite for Mommy, please” or “You’re such […]

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The Scandal of “Good” News on Hospital Treatment of Asthma Emergencies

Dr. Paul Ehrlich I’m glad to know that more hospitals are following guideline treatments for asthma emergencies. 88% is better than the 71% a few years ago, although a 12% shortfall is disgraceful. But the real scandal is that there are millions of hospitalizations in the first place. If primary treatment for asthma followed guidelines […]

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